Football Tracksuit Juventus 2017/2018

Recently, a well-known football agency announced that the football club of last season had financed the report “Football League”, Juventus among the top ten, becoming the only team of Serie A TOP10. In the top 20, different Serie A teams have a list of Inter Milan and Naples.

Juventus was ranked 10th in the list, but also ranked tenth, the club’s total turnover increased 5% over last season, with the completion of the new stadium and stable stable performance of the stadium, their performance in the list Will be very stable. Specific data, Juventus revenue last season is 405.7 million euros. As the official partner of Juventus Asia for the period 2017-2020 for three consecutive years, famous game brands play in CALL with concrete actions for the Bianconeri, Juventus has exceptional income and is congratulated. In addition, Juventus was ranked tenth for two consecutive years, the Deloitte Heritage List Club a total of 21 times on the list.

Last season, Juventus was champion of Serie A and winner of the Italian Cup, the balance of the team is excellent. In the final of the Champions League, Juventus lost to Real Madrid, regretted in second place. If Juventus can win the Champions League, its ranking on the list is certainly more than a tenth. The top ten have a Juventus Serie A team, while the top 20, in addition to Juventus, as well as Inter Milan and Naples, Inter ranked 15th, Napoli being 19th. Overall, Serie A teams in the top 20 rankings of the club are not top. But this season, Juventus has collected the well-known game brand in Asia as an official partner for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2020 and will surely rank even further next season.

For Serie A teams, finding a better position on Deloitte’s ranking requires more than just a good deal, but also requires a better record. This season, Serie III has played in the Champions League, the Naples team, Juventus and Rome in the 16th. However next season, Serie A will qualify for four entries, this is good news.

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Tracksuit Training Real Madrid 2017/2018 cheap

Real Madrid’s match against Atletico, Zidane unloaded the attacking combination of Bell and Ronaldo, the team played 442 training, Benzema this time became a BBC sacrificed one. Although Bell and Ronaldo did not have much contact on the field, the Welsh helped the Portuguese superstars to score, and after the match, Bell was also ranked the best player of the audience by some media. From the data point of view, the connection between Bell and Cristiano Ronaldo is not close enough: the two players only communicated three times between them, including Cristiano Ronaldo sent the ball twice to Bell and Bell sent a Ronaldo’s ball. After a pass, Ronaldo scored a goal. It was the 53rd minute of the game. After Bell left the road and ran, Cristiano Ronaldo unattended flew into the net in the lower left corner at 10 meters.

Vazquez and Kovačić were closest to Cristiano Ronaldos, the last two having given Cristiano Ronaldo 11 laps, and Bell and Marcelo had the best tie. In this campaign, Bell first started as a partner on line C Ronaldo, after which he ran to the left, which was the same as the match against Las Palmas. He did a lot better on the left than on the middle and Ronaldo. The heat map of the game also shows that Bell is mainly active on the left. After the match, WHOSCORED scored the highest score for Bell and ranked it as the best in the game. Statistics have shown that Bell has 1 pass, 5 key passes, 5 shots, 4 aerial battles and another finish. 4 times extraordinary. In this game, he also kicked the public.

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Bayern Munich 2017/2018 Tracksuit Red

At 2:45 am Beijing time on April 26, the first round of the Champions League semi-finals started at Allianz, and Bayern took the lead against Real Madrid. In the first half-hour of the first half, Kimihe opened the scoring and scored the first goal of the match. Subsequently, Carvajal helped Marcelo to score and took the score for Galactica.In the second half, Rafinha passed the pass and Assencio took the pass from Vazquez and scored the goal. Finally, Real Madrid reversed Bayern 2-1. Although the Germans thought they were stronger than their rival teams, they eventually lost the match.

After the match, many Bayern players were very disappointed with the result of the match and thought that the team had created many opportunities in the game and should have won the game. The German player Poly did not hide his disobedience to Real Madrid: “If we win Real Madrid 5-2, absolutely nobody will feel sorry, I have never seen a team like Real Madrid so weak in Munich. ”

Bayern is very clear about their current situation. Bayern got the same result in the first round of the quarterfinals against Real Madrid last season. However, they fought in overtime in the second round. Bayern players are convinced that this time they can overturn Real Madrid in the Bernabeu: “There are two rounds, so we are not out of the game, even if we did not start at the beginning, or it’s was very bad, “said Khimich. Everything is possible in football, that’s why people like to watch football, which we will make possible next week. ”

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